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11 Creepy Halloween Food Ideas for Children in 2021

11 Creepy Halloween Food Ideas for Children in 2021

Looking for trick or treat food ideas for a kids Halloween party? You’ve come to the right place.

New for 2021, we’ve pulled together a smorgasbord of easy Halloween food ideas, ranging from healthy Halloween treats for toddlers to the downright spooky.

This year’s top creepy Halloween food ideas are quick and simple to make, and won’t cost a fortune either. From scary mummies (no, not you – the Egyptian kind) to winter smoothies, and hair-raising hotdogs to yucky squid shots.  So, break out the vampire costume and get into the Halloween spirit, so to speak….

1. The Mummy

🕸⛓ ⚰️ If you’d rather make than buy Halloween party food, this one’s a guaranteed hit and so easy to make too.

thomas train plate

©2021 Gullane (Thomas) Limited     I     Recipe adapted from cutefoodforkids.com

You just need four ingredients; bread, mozzarella slices, nori seaweed and candy eyes.

  • Cut a circle out of bread
  • Slice up some mozzarella strips like Edward Scissorhands
  • Slash a strip of Nori seaweed and layer it under the cheese slices
  • Finally, add some eyes – preferably candy ones!
  • Serve on a super fun kids plate. Here we use our Thomas Train Track Plate

2. Scary Swirly Slices

This one’s a real crowd pleaser, and follows the same cooking principles as making a swiss roll. Instead, swap out dark chocolate for white, and use orange and yellow colouring. Serve with candy corn sweets for all the American horror movie feels. It’s always a fun one to serve in between kids Halloween party games too.

creepy halloween kids party food

3. Spooky Hot Choc

Everyone loves a hot chocolate, perfect for all the October 31st feels. Simply make your hot chocolate as usual and use a frothing machine to create a ghoulie face on the top. Or, a quicker hack is to cut out a spooky ghost template and dust with icing sugar.

Creepy Halloween Food Ideas for Children

4. Pumpkin Cupcakes

If you plan to buy Halloween party food, Halloween cupcakes are easy to find in most bakeries and supermarkets throughout October. Mix and match with some scary Mummies and fearsome Frankenstein’s for the perfect kids party food.

Creepy Halloween Food Ideas for Children

5. Hair Raising Hot Dogs

When it comes to easy Halloween food ideas nothing compares to these hair-raising hotdogs.

All you need is puff pastry (buy the pre-rolled stuff) and wrap around a frankfurter in a swirly fashion. Bosh – 15 minutes in the oven and throw om some edible eyes and you’ve got one of the best kids Halloween treats!

They look rather good in our Percy Train Track plate don’t you think!?

thomas train plate

© 2021 Gullane (Thomas) Limited 

6. Pumpkin Pie

Cut back on food waste and enjoy Halloween party food on a budget all-in-one. Buy a cooking pumpkin (not a carving pumpkin) and use the leftovers for a delicious pumpkin pie. Serve with a generous splodge of whipped cream and you’ve got the ultimate dessert that’s more treat than trick.

Creepy Halloween Food Ideas for Children

7. Halloween Candies

Lest we forget the highlight of any Halloween haul – candies! Poundland, supermarkets and grandparents all seem to be a wonderful source for sweets. After all, some of the best trick or treat food ideas, can be found in a bucket of sweets, yum! And yes, it definitely counts as Halloween party food!

Creepy Halloween Food Ideas for Children

8. Yucky Nachos!

This one’s always a winner with little ones. Using a carved pumpkin, fill the inside with cheesy sauce and spread some nachos around it, like it’s just vomited everywhere. You can’t help but be repulsed and impressed all in one! For sure, one of our favourite creepy Halloween food ideas for 2021.Creepy Halloween Food Ideas for Children

9. Pumpkin Crush Smoothie

The yummy combination of pumpkin and cinnamon conjure up thoughts of winter months. This is a great choice for those snuggly nights in from October through to March. This seasonal favourite is made with hot chocolate and a sprinkling of cinnamon and pumpkin cream to give it a little kick. If you’re looking for scrummy Halloween party food ideas, this one’s a winner.

10. Monster Octopus Green Dip

Warning – you’ll need a strong constitution for this creepy Halloween food. Serve as an appetizer, or use during a kids Halloween party game, this could be a bush tucker trial all in itself.

Take a shot glass and fill the bottom half with raspberry jam and crème fraiche in the middle. For the green layer you can use blended kiwi. But for all the gross-out vibes, top with seared octopus tentacles hanging out. It’s the perfect kids Halloween treat… or should that be trick!?

Creepy Halloween Food Ideas for Children

11. Day of the Dead Head

Celebrated on 2nd November, Day of the Dead is a fun theme to incorporate into your celebrations. This delicious meal is also one of the more healthy Halloween treats for toddlers

Simply cook your child’s favourite rice, and serve in a hollowed out orange pepper. Beforehand, be sure to cut out a creepy face and stick a slice of ham through as a tongue. Hey, you asked for creepy Halloween food ideas!

day of the dead party food

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