Delicious Quick Meals for Camping with the Kids

Delicious Quick Meals for Camping with the Kids

Delicious Quick Meals for Camping with the Kids

Brush off your shorts, dust down your tent, camping season is here and we’ve got some easy camping meals for all the family to enjoy!

Whether it’s your first or fifth time, camping with the kids is a fantastic way to create lasting memories and enjoy quality time together as a family. Undoubtedly, one of the highlights of any camping trip is campfire food, best enjoyed in the great outdoors. However, when you're camping with little ones, it's important to have meals that are simple, quick, and appealing to their taste buds.

So, we’ve rustled up nine fun and healthy meals for camping with the kids. Just don’t forget to pack your Munchy Play plate – made for durability, it’s easy to wash, pack and re-use for little ones of all ages.

If you’re ready to explore some easy, healthy, and no-cook meals for camping, read on?

Quick Easy Family Meals for Camping

When you're out in nature, time is precious, nobody wants to spend hours preparing elaborate meals. Here are nine trusted and simple meals for camping with the kids, you won’t be able to resist.

1. Campfire Tacos: Pack pre-cooked taco meat, shredded cheese, tortillas, and your favourite toppings like diced tomatoes, lettuce, and sour cream. Let the kids build their own tacos and tuck in amongst the wilderness. Be sure to do this at the start of your trip if you have pre-cooked meat with you.

 2. One-Pot Pasta: Pasta is always a winner when it comes to easy camping meals for family UK. Choose a pasta that cooks quickly, like penne or rotini for ease. In a large pot, combine the pasta, diced vegetables, a jar of marinara sauce, and some water. Simmer until the pasta is tender, and voila! A delicious and fuss-free meal for the whole family.

3. Build-Your-Own Sandwiches: Pack a variety of deli meats, cheeses, and condiments, along with bread or rolls. Let the kids assemble their own sandwiches and serve with some bottled water around the campfire. If you have toddlers, this is a great time to whip out your Munchy Play Track Plate to keep them entertained.

4. Fresh Fruit and Veggie Platter: Chop up a colourful assortment of fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon, grapes, carrots, and cucumbers. Serve them with a tasty dip like hummus or yoghurt. This one is great for breakfast and dessert.

5. Trail Mix: As well as simple meals for camping with the kids, you’ll also need some snacks to keep them full, especially with all that outdoor activity. It’s best tocreate your own trail mix by combining nuts, dried fruits, and a sprinkle of chocolate chips. Let the kids customise their own mix using their favourite toppings too.

6. Grilled Chicken Skewers with Veggie Kebabs: Prior to your family camping trip, marinate chicken pieces in a zesty sauce and thread them onto skewers with chunks of bell peppers, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes. Keep these fresh in a cooler box. Once you’re at campsite, head over to the Grill or campfire and get cooking. NHS guidelines suggest that meat should not be out for longer than 4 hours, and to avoid leftovers. When cooking chicken on an open fire, be sure to cut and check it has been cooked all the way through before serving to children.

7. S’mores! Certainly not the healthies meals for camping with the kids, but definitely the tastiest! What would a camping trip be without a s’more! For this you’ll need crackers, marshmallows and chocolate (or chocolate spread), and a beast of a campfire to cook it on. Enjoy warm and toasty, it’s what you came for!

Camping with the kids should be a fun and stress-free experience for the whole family. By incorporating these simple, quick, and healthy meal ideas into your camping routine, you can spend more time enjoying nature and making memories together. Read more on days out with the kids here.


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