Must Have Weaning Gear for Baby-Led Weaning

Must Have Weaning Gear for Baby-Led Weaning

Once your child is self-feeding on their own, feeding times take on a whole new look. In no time at all your little darling may be demanding their own table, or may want to ditch their weaning  bowls for something a bit more 'big girl or boy'.

Here’s a few of the investments you might want to think about, for your growing feeder...

Toddler Table and Chairs
If your toddler has outgrown their high chair, and resisting getting in it, you may want to think about investing in a children’s table and chair set. The usual high street shops as well as Amazon have a great selection for indoor and outdoor dining.
Think about the longevity of the set – do you want this to last a few months, or years – if so, is it worth getting extra chairs for potential siblings or play dates? What colour and materials are used, are these easy to clean and will they fit with your current décor? Is the children’s chair safe, or is your child likely to play on it and fall off?
Children’s Tableware
It’s likely that your toddler has outgrown the baby bowls and non slip baby plates they used when weaning. While weaners appreciate section food plates, does this still appeal to your growing child? With their portion size also increasing, you may need kids plates or toddlers with a larger eating space for breakfast, lunch and dinner, that promote self-feeding.
It might be that your child has graduated from products that appeal to babies, and now is looking for more stimulation. Perhaps they want more interaction during mealtimes with fun illustrations on their plates?

Look out for products that appeal to their fun nature, and invite them to the table too - Munchy Play® children’s plates for instance have a built-in track to keep kids entertained, with dining still at the focus. This is after all, a period when fussy eating is very common, so fun kids plates can offer a much-needed solution.

Make life easy for yourself and opt for children’s plates that are safe for dishwasher and microwave use.

Plastic plates are still very popular with children of this age, making them easy to clean and robust enough for the occasional slip.
Youll also be thinking about children’s plates that you can take on holiday and out to restaurants with you, so keep that top of mind too.
Toddler Cutlery

As children develop they are able to start using feeding utensils with more skill. There are some great children-friendly cutlery to help children learn how to use knife and forks correctly. There are no rules, only whatever works best for you and your family during meal times.