Best Snacks for Long Train Journeys

Best Snacks for Long Train Journeys

Best Snacks for Long Train Journeys

It’s amazing how children love all things automotive, and the simple pleasure of riding on public transport is an event in itself. Bus journeys, train rides and even a trip in the car, are all fun days out when you’re little. This is especially true of any kids that have a penchant for toy trains, as many do.

Healthy recipes for kids
So, if you suddenly you find yourself booking the Kings Cross express, be sure to pack the right foods for your journey. After all every ride is a kids train game in itself. Here’s a few healthy snacks that will keep little one's going ...

  • Carrots and Hummus
Crunchy and bright, it’s a myth that children don’t like carrots. Peeled and cut into batons, they’re a delicious snack to dip into a pot of hummus. Carrots are great for skin, eyes, teeth and a healthy digestive system too. Moorish and tasty, hummus is packed with proteins helping to keep hunger at bay – perfect for long train journeys.

  • Ham and cheese triangles
There’s something very British about having a sandwich on a train! Wholemeal bread can keep you going for longer, while ham is a good source of protein. A layer of cheese spread can keep sandwiches from drying up and offer a calcium boost too. Finally, be sure to cut sandwiches into triangles, they ALWAYS taste better, right!?

  • Apple, banana and peanut bites
Everyone loves a crisp apple cut into slices. Add a little lemon juice to prevent them from going brown and a dab of peanut butter for an added energy boost. (Please ensure your child is old enough to enjoy peanuts first). Alternatively cut banana pieces with their skins still on, to make fun bites to peel on the train, also great for a dip.

Choo-Choo all the way…
Make your journey even more special with the Munchy Play Choo-Choo kids plate with a built-in train track, ideal for eating at home, in restaurants and maybe even on trains!