How to Create an Amazon Wish List for Christmas and Birthdays

How to Create an Amazon Wish List for Christmas and Birthdays

How to Create an Amazon Wish List for Christmas and Birthdays

You’re a mum, you know your child inside out. You know their best and worst foods, you know when they’ve woken up in the morning (some weird thing that happens as a parent), and you usually know things before they even do!

But it's not a given that everyone else will know your little one as well, including friends and family...

  • What to do with an unwanted gift?

    Nod your head if you’ve ever had to teach your child to say 'thank you' for an unwanted gift through gritted teeth…!
    For this reason, the Amazon Gift List (also known as the Amazon Wish List)  is a great tool for sharing idea gifts for kids and jotting down favourite items throughout the year. And with Christmas less than 99 days away <deep breaths> now is a great time to start getting your plan together.

  • The Awkward Bit...

  • Ok, so let’s get this out of the way. There’s a view that children (and parents) should just be grateful to receive any gift received – after all, it’s the thought that counts. And there’s a truth in this.

    However, isn’t it better to receive a wanted gift – a present that would be loved, and used, particularly useful gifts for kids? Rather than one that never gets played with or used. Sadly, every year at Christmas time alone, four million presents are returned, showing the scale of the issue.

    So, if you’re an Amazon UK member, it’s worth signing up for their Amazon Wish List service. It’s super-easy to use, and best of all, you can create tons of lists that you can add to as you go along. It can take some of the pressure off parenthood, and ensure that your child gets gifts they will truly treasure and love. You can add as little or much as you like, from small gifts for kids through to your favourite Munchy Play plates.

  • How does the Amazon Wish List work?


    • Whether you’re a gift-giver looking for gifts for girls who have everything, or if you're the lucky recipient looking to compile your list, you’ll find the Amazon Wish List easy to access.

      It just takes a couple of steps to get setup, and of course you will need an Amazon account to get going.


  • Here’s how to get started…

    •    Log on to your Amazon UK account and hover over ‘Account and Lists’ at the top

    •    There’s a section called ‘Your Lists’ – here you can add to or create new lists by simply choosing ‘Create a Wish List’ from the drop down menu

    •    You have the option to change your list name by choosing ‘Edit list name’

    •    You can also update information by choosing ‘Update list profile’ from ‘list actions’ this includes edit personal details and preferences (don’t forget to save)

    •   Keep in mind your delivery address will need to be visible for someone to purchase your kids gift

    •   Create as many gift lists as you like, whether it’s a birthday gift for kid boy, or your daughter’s christening – there’s no limit

    You can find more details about creating and searching for Amazon Wish Lists on their website.
  • How to add items to your Amazon Wish List?

  • One of the joys of the gift list, is that you can easily add items whenever you see them.

    Whenever you stumble across an item you’d like to add, go to the right-hand side of the product page and look for the ‘Add to list’ option. Once clicked, this automatically adds the product to your list of choice. It’s that simple.

    You can also use it on Amazon Launchpad – a hub of innovations where you can find unique gifts for toddlers, children and well… everyone!
  • How to share an Amazon Wish List...

  • If you’re wondering how to make an amazon wish list and share it, this is simple too.

    On your Amazon Wish List page (visit amazon.com/wishlist) click on the list you would like to share with others. Choose ‘Send list to others’ in the right hand corner and it will send an email to the chosen recipients. Or simply copy and paste the URL which you can forward on via email yourself. This allows you to include a cover note message with it…
  • Social etiquette - asking friends and family

  • In the run up to your child’s birthday, Christmas, or another special occasion, you might be asked by friends and family what your child will like. This makes it easy to share your list, since it’s something you’ve been compiling full of great toddler gifts UK available.

    But, what if you’re not asked? How do you volunteer the information without it being a touch awks? Well, If you feel comfortable, you can email or call family members and mention that it’s not always easy to buy ‘gifts for girls who have everything’, or that you don’t want them to spend too much money on your son or daughter and have shortlisted a couple of affordable items to help them. It’s always better to offer a few suggestions, than to direct them to one option, as it still gives the gift-giver some input into the present.
  • Benefits of using Amazon's Wish List

  • And, as if you needed reminding, there’s a couple of benefits in using the service too:
    • If you’re an Amazon Prime member you can get kids gifts delivered in no time at all.
    • Amazon Launchpad has some of the most cool gifts for kids as well as unique gifts for toddlers, that you won’t find anywhere else.
    • Everyone uses and trusts Amazon. As such, it’s popular with grandparents, parents and friends.

    So there you have it, everything you need to know about Amazon Wish Lists and more. If you’re looking for a great boy gift or girl gift, check out our game-changing kids tableware featuring a built in track and add it to your Wish List!


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