15 Parent Hacks to Make Life Easier

15 Parent Hacks to Make Life Easier

You heard it here first, #parenthack has become the go-to hashtag for all things uplifting and inspiring of late.

Search the worldwide web and you’ll be enlightened with ingenious ideas from parents all over the globe.
Always one to share the love, we’ve picked out our favourite parent hacks to share with you...

1 - The Apple Hack
Apples make a healthy snack for lunchtimes, but what to do when they go brown? Simply put the apple slices in a plastic bag, sprinkle over the smallest amount of salt and give them a quick dip in water. It removes the salty taste but preserves them looking fresh all day!
2 - Toy Overload
Children’s toys, they get everywhere. Get yourself some shoe holders that hang from the back of a door and use them to stuff their toys in. Particularly handy for all those toy cars and lego pieces that get in your toes!
3 - Pizza Art
Oops, Mummy had pizza again last night. But alas, it’s not all bad. Turn the pizza box around and use it as the perfect canvas for little artists the next day!
4 - Dream Weaning
Cooking up daily dishes as part of baby weaning can be quite consuming. Instead, freeze portions using an ice-cube tray. It also makes them easy to remove and reheat.
5- Lolly Fun
Kids love ice-pops, but clothes do not! To prevent drippy stains, place a cupcake holder directly under the ice lolly to hold in all the drips!
6 - Munchy time
Kids won’t come to the table? Lure them over with the Munchy play Tea Party plate for toddlers where they can bring action figures, dolls and children’s toys to the table to dine with!
7 - Rolling out
If your little one is prone to falling out of bed, roll up a beach towel and place it under a fitted sheet to keep them from rolling out!
8 - Painting the fence
If you’re involved in a bit of D.I.Y and your kid wants to join in, give them a paintbrush and pot… full of water and let them get stuck in!
9 - Santa wants a word
A festive favourite, if you want your darling child to behave a bit better, pull up a Santa video from YouTube (there’s lots on there) and your child will think he’s speaking directly to them!
10 - Slip Ups
If your child is always slipping around in their socks, get hold of a puffy fabric paint and add some drops to the back of their socks. This will help provide a makeshift grip!
11 - Potty Training
When it comes to teaching your child to use toilet paper, it can be hard for them to cut pieces off. Instead have a box of tissues in a cute box next to the toilet that they can reach out for with ease.
12 - Sprinkles
Have sprinkles on hand to liven up dishes that children might not otherwise eat. The bright fun colours tempt them in and you only need to use the smallest amount.
13 - TV cheat
If you want to limit screen time, start their favourite show in the middle of an episode, they will hardly know!
14  - Bib Hack
Always losing bibs? Why not stick a plastic coat hook onto the back of your dining room chair and keep them in one place here.
15 – Eat your veg
Kid not a fan of veg? It’s easy to smuggle small pieces into omelettes, give it a try!

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