100 Days Until Christmas 2022

100 Days Until Christmas 2022

100 Days Until Christmas 2022

 Yes, it’s that time of year again. It’s hard to believe but Friday 16th September 2022 marks 100 days until Christmas.

Let's say it again, how many sleeps until Christmas – yes 100! This of course means two things:

  1. It's time to download the Christmas countdown app (obvs)
  2. Get Christmas planning and your Christmas wish list together.

With 100 days until Christmas 2022, you’ve got roughly three months to plan ahead, here’s how to use this time effectively...

1. Ask friends and family what they want for Christmas

Now’s a good time to ask friends and family about what they want for Christmas. This should give you enough time to plan ahead for Black Friday sales, and scour the web for deals.

2. Put your Amazon wish list together

Whether you’re a gift-giver looking for gifts for girls who have everything, or if you're the lucky recipient looking to compile your list, you’ll find the Amazon Wish List easy to access.

It just takes a couple of steps to get setup, and of course you will need an Amazon account to get going.

Here’s how to produce an Amazon Wish List

•    Log on to your Amazon UK account and hover over ‘Account and Lists’ at the top

•    There’s a section called ‘Your Lists’ – here you can add to or create new lists by simply choosing ‘Create a Wish List’ from the drop down menu

•    You have the option to change your list name by choosing ‘Edit list name’

•    You can also update information by choosing ‘Update list profile’ from ‘list actions’ this includes edit personal details and preferences (don’t forget to save)

•   Keep in mind your delivery address will need to be visible for someone to purchase your kids gift

•   Create as many gift lists as you like, whether it’s a birthday gift for kid boy, or your daughter’s christening – there’s no limit

You can find more details about creating and searching for Amazon Wish Lists on their website.

3. Start squirreling money away

How many weeks until Christmas I hear you ask – well there’s 13. This means that if you put away £20 every week from now until the start of December, you’ll have £220 saved for spending on the family.

4. Plan Christmas lunch

Yes, already. It’s never too early to book your supermarket delivery and use the time to shop around to make savings. The big question this year everyone is asking is whether you’ll be eating turkey, or the cheaper alternative of chicken.

And, don’t forget – keep the little ones entertained at the table with a Munchy play plate – the perfect Christmas gift for kids!

5. Get the kids crafting

Now’s the time to get the little ones to get craft-happy, making cards and decorations that you can use in the run up to Christmas. Plus, you can also start telling them that Santa is watching when they don’t eat their tea or play up!