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Bring festive fun to meals with Munchy Play Track Plates.

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What Parents Say

Just what I was looking for - my 3 yr old will love it! It will keep him entertained at dinner time. Great quality.


It has made meal times so much more exciting for my son. He loves his plate! Its easy to clean and can be used for every type of meal, including snacks.


My son loves his plate. Trustworthy website. I would definitely recommend. Amazing customer service.


My girls love these plates. The plates are a good size and great quality! Worth every penny 👍🏻


Brought for my nephew and he loved it. Always plays with his trains in the table so this keeps it more to do and stops us having to catch them before they drive off the edge of the table!


My son loves Thomas so he loves this plate. It gives him something to play with and he sits up the table for longer and eats more. LIFESAVER!


Amazing product. 18 month old who has never ever been a good eater and this product has just answered my prayers. 100% worth it to make tea time more fun and less stressful.


This plate is magic! My little boy who never sits still actually sits down and eats his food lovely when we use this plate! Love it!!


I have a 2yr old who was a nightmare to feed at meal times kept chucking food on floor refusing to eat his tea. Thanks to this plate I now have no trouble from him and no more mess on the floor 🙂


Really cool plate for kids will persuade them to eat all their food, quick delivery and no issues.


My 4 year old adores this. Only bowl he will use now and the grip is great - he won't accidentally knock it off the table, sliding it about as has happened many times with other bowls at home.


We couldn't be more pleased, the products and services are absolutely fantastic!

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It all started with a fussy eater toddler...

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