Play with Food!

Munchy Play® plates feature a built-in track for trains and cars, bringing fun to dining and kids to the table. Loved by families, our fun plates are proudly Made in Britain, suitable from weaning upwards.

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What Parents Say

My son's gone from only eating chips, or refusing food, to playing with his car and picking up things he wouldn't normally - all because the car around the edge is keeping him focused!


Love everything about this plate! Eighteen month old grandson loves it and it’s empty every meal time! Thank you!


Got this for my boy's 3rd birthday. He’s car mad and absolutely loves this bowl. It fits all of his standard die cast cars. He gets to play and eat so he’s happy.


My son loves his new plate! The choo-choo has a built in train track which stops him from running away from the dining table.


I have 2 fussy eaters, so decided to give these plates a try. They are great and really work. The kids love them and actually eat their food!

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